Booze Plus CBD – How Safe Is It?

Mix CBD And Alcohol
Mix CBD And Alcohol
Mix CBD And Alcohol
Mix CBD And Alcohol

The health benefits of CBD has shone, and this is primarily the reason for the ever-growing popularity of the herbal supplement all over the globe. With the industry still finding footing, there have been several questions that have been posted by the consumer base, and one of the commonly asked questions is, can you have alcohol and CBD. Whether to mix CBD and alcohol and how safe it is to do so?

CBD can be found in most of the stores both physical (vape stores, pharmacy, a cannabis dispensary, and CBD retail stores)and online. Alcohol manufacturers are also jumping onto the bandwagon and introducing CBD-infused beers, wines, and other alcoholic beverages. The truth is that the duos are at the opposite end of each other’s spectrum. One is a potent neuroprotectant while alcohol is a neurotoxin that kills neurons when consumed above safe doses.

Do Alcohol and CBD Both Mix? 

On paper, yes they mix. However, this isn’t incentive enough to do it. The research on the matter is still only gaining traction, but the few studies that have been performed show that alcohol’s effects are enhanced and amplified in the environment of CBD.

The CBD interacts with the ECS or the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for the biological functions that are vital in ensuring equilibrium and chemical balance. The reaction helps in regulating immune response, inflammation, and other functions better.

The reaction of CBD and the benefits that one feels depends on the chemical makeup of the user. This is why a dose that works on a person may not necessarily work on another. Because of this same reason, how a person might respond to CBD and alcohol will differ.

Mixing CBD and alcohol can amplify the effects of sedation that is potent in alcohol. Along with this, there can be mood alterations, too. A study was conducted wherein 200mg of CBD was mixed with 1g of alcohol, which was then provided for every kilogram of total weight. This was given to human subjects, and researchers observed that there were significant drops in motor functioning and changes in the perception of time.

Participants didn’t feel such effects when they had either CBD or alcohol individually.

The research is still yet to catch up, and it will be time until we can get a ready answer. Nevertheless, the fact is, it is better that, you are safe rather than sorry, and so always avoid mixing the two.