What Are The Spectrum Options In CBD?

Full Spectrum Hemp
Full Spectrum Hemp
Full Spectrum Hemp
Full Spectrum Hemp

Cannabis plants and their extracts have been relevant in ancient medicine for the multiple therapeutic benefits they offered. Hemp is a cannabis plant that has been cultivated before thousands of years for industrial purposes. Its seeds are potent sources of nutrition and its fibers have several applications in the textile industry. Cultivation of hemp for deriving CBD, a medicinal cannabinoid is a newer application of the plant.

CBD hemp cultivation focuses on increasing the CBD content in the plant. We walk you through the spectrum options in CBD with full spectrum hemp as the primary focus.

Spectrum Options In CBD

Depending on the number of compounds extracted from hemp to prepare a hemp product, it can be classified into three spectrum options. They are:

  • Full spectrum CBD: Full spectrum hemp therapeutics contain all essential compounds in hemp including the active cannabinoids CBD and THC, terpenes, flavinoids and other cannabinoids like CBN, CBDA and many more. The THC content in full spectrum hemp products is maintained at levels below 0.3%, lest they will be deemed illegal.
  • Broad spectrum: The only difference between a full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD is the fact that broad spectrum options lack THC. Except for the absence of THC, a broad spectrum product is similar to full spectrum in all respects. Its zero THC content makes broad spectrum CBD an excellent option for people who take regular drug tests. Although the minimal THC content in full spectrum CBD cannot cause a high in the users, it may lead to a false positive drug test result.
  • CBD isolate: The purest CBD option, CBD isolate has cannabidiol as its exclusive content. It does not have THC or any other hemp compounds except CBD.

What Is Entourage Effect?

Entourage effect refers to the synergistic effect produced by the presence of multiple cannabinoids in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products. Although CBD and THC are the cannabis compounds that receive the highest attention as of now, other hemp phytochemicals also have several medicinal benefits. Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD attempt to get the best benefits out of the multitude of hemp compounds.

Because CBD isolate cannot generate entourage effect, it is less effective than the full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD.  In terms of effectiveness, full spectrum CBD is the best option that is followed by broad spectrum CBD and then by CBD isolates.

While purchasing CBBD products belonging to any spectrum option, make sure that it has the necessary hemp compounds in adequate levels.