Can Cannabidiol Help To Reduce Hypertension?

CBD For High Blood Pressure
CBD For High Blood Pressure
CBD For High Blood Pressure
CBD For High Blood Pressure

Several researchers consider utilizing CBD for high blood pressure to be effective. Some of its properties tackle the health issues that bring about an increase in blood pressure. Here, we will look at four of those properties to help answer the question of how can CBD lower blood pressure.

Anxiety-Reducing Properties

Sleep deprivation and anxiety are among the main issues that potentially causes hypertension. In a 2019 study featured in the peer-reviewed ‘Permanente Journal’, research professionals looked at anxiety and sleep scores of humans. The study’s findings show that cannabidiol has the capability to reduce disorders associated with anxiety.

In a different 2019 study featured in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, cannabidiol showed an immense effect on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). A different study featured in the same journal found that the cannabidiol-induced better stress response could lower blood pressure when hypertension patients face anxious scenarios.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

As per many pieces of research, cannabidiol is a strong anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation is among the potential reasons for hypertension. Cannabidiol could lower it by helping to eliminate inflammation. It need not occur only in a phase of hypertension, so we recommend following a healthy way of life no matter what your supplementation is.

Vasorelaxant Properties

Cannabidiol can open the vessels of blood for smoother circulation, and thereby, it may make your cardiovascular health better. This makes cannabidiol a natural alternative to a standard ‘vasodilator’ type drug. Several studies prove that cannabidiol has these properties.

Hemodynamic Properties

Going by a 2017 review featured in the journal named ‘Frontiers in Pharmacology’, it is possible to use cannabidiol to treat cardiovascular diseases. Anyhow, the proof was discovered under conditions that were not stress-inducing, which suggests that there is limited information from studies about cannabidiol’s effects on the dynamics of blood circulation.

It Can Balance Neurotransmitters

Cardiac contractility is a form of hypertension. The human heart delivers blood to the lungs very quickly, and this causes too much cardiac activity in this health condition. A study featured in the journal ‘Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research’ underlined how significant neurotransmitters like N-arachidonoylethanolamine are important to the correct working of the circulatory system.

Going by the study’s information, cannabidiol can regulate the reabsorption of the neurotransmitters that modulate blood delivery. For your information, the heart is what pumps, or delivers, the blood to the lungs through the vascular system.