How To Identify Fake CBD Products?

CBD And Dopamine
CBD And Dopamine
Fake CBD Products
Fake CBD Products

The popularity of CBD and CBD products are growing rapidly all around the world because of the numerous health benefits they offer. There are a wide range of CBD products that help us to take in the therapeutic benefits of CBD. However, all CBD products labeled as “natural CBD oil” are not actually natural CBD products. When the popularity of CBD products increased, so many fake CBD products also entered into the market.

When you are about to purchase a CBD product that is new to you, watch out for the following.

Questionable Testing Disclaimers

One of the main criteria for choosing quality CBD product is third party lab testing. It ensures the credibility of the product and informs the customer about the CBD content and sourcing of CBD. Most of the reputed CBD companies and brands provide third party lab testing results to the customers, which will make it easier to buy their products.

On the other hand, there are some companies that test their products in-house and exaggerate the results and advertise it.  Stay away from those companies and their products. Always make sure to double check that the information provided on the packaging and the testing results are the same. Often the information will not be same in the case of fake CBD products.

Not Enough Information

Reputable CBD companies and brands provide the customers with a lot of information about their products. This allows the customers to trust the CBD product and the companies that produce it. They provide information like the third party lab testing, the percentage of THC content, the source location of hemp plant, the extraction process used and the concentration of CBD.

A fake CBD brand does not provide all these information on the packaging of its products. It is better to stay away from such brands and their products. They won’t provide you with any health benefits and can cause side effects also.

Hemp Seed Oil Is Not Real CBD

The product that is labeled as “hemp seed oil” or “Cannabis sativa oil” is actually not best quality CBD oil. CBD that comes from the flower of the hemp plant is considered as the high quality CBD oil. CBD from the flowers of hemp plant offers greater health benefits because of the high levels of CBD content. On the other hand, CBD level in the hemp seed is very low and provide negligible health benefits only.

One other important thing to notice is that some CBD brands offer lower price for their products to attract customers, those products must be of questionable quality or lack a third party lab testing. It is better to avoid all these fake brands and rely only on reputable companies that produce high quality CBD products with zero side effects.