What Is CBG And How Can It Make You Feel?


As per the experts in the industry, CBG may give CBD a run for its money. However, it is important to extrapolate the effects that CBD could have on you, before using it. You must be familiar with CBD and the health benefits offered by it. Indeed, we are still learning about the benefits and advantages of CBD and some of the researchers and scientists have found that some of the benefits of CBG overlap with that of CBD and there are a whole lot more benefits.

What Is CBG? 

Cannabigerol (CBG) is the compound that first develops in the cannabis and hemp plants when they begin to grow. CBG is non-psychoactive like CBD and can be found in high concentrations in premature plants. CBG is referred to as the stem cell of the cannabis plant and it is this compound that changes into the base molecule for the popular cannabinoids like CBC, THC, and CBD. As the concentration of CBG becomes low as the plant matures, it is not as accessible as CBD. This means that CBG can be a bit more expensive when compared to CBD. That said, is CBG worth the hype? Let us see the effects that CBG has on your body so that you can compare the cost and the benefits.

Effects Of CBG 

CBG has similar effects on the endocannabinoid system as CBD and can help regulate the system to ensure overall health. This means that CBG can help in relieving pain and inflammation, together with relieving the symptoms of cancer. These are the effects that CBD can also have and it turns out that CBG is beneficial for bladder dysfunction and improving eye health. Let us take a look at these effects meticulously.

Eye Health 

One of the important benefits of CBG is its capability of reducing intraocular pressure. The endocannabinoid receptors present in our eyes get activated by CBG. Moreover, CBG can drain the fluid inside the eyes and thereby help reduce the intraocular pressure. This means that CBG can be useful for people with glaucoma to manage the condition and reduce the risk of blindness.

Bladder Dysfunction 

CBG is found to be capable of managing bladder dysfunctions and is much more effective than the other cannabinoids. When compared to other cannabinoids like THC and CBD, CBG was found to be more effective in inhibiting muscle contractions, meaning that CBD can better treat many of the symptoms of bladder disorders and dysfunctions.