Things To Know About CBD Oil Without THC

CBD Oil Without THC
CBD Oil Without THC
CBD Oil Without THC
CBD Oil Without THC

Many people prefer using CBD oil without THC due to various reasons. If you undergo drug tests at your workplace, then you can be worried about the accumulation of THC in your body, which can fail you in the test. There are also other reasons why people prefer using THC free CBD products. Whatever be your reason, you will be able to find CBD products without THC. The CBD industry has been catering to those who do not want psychoactive THC in their system. Here, we will share everything about zero THC CBD oil. Read ahead to know.

CBD Oil Without THC 

CBD is obtained from a famed member of the cannabis family of plants – the hemp plant. Being a member of this family, hemp contains small quantities of the psychoactive THC. However, this small quantity cannot get you high. The low quantities of the psychoactive THC have made hemp popular for the production of CBD products.

Many people assume that the Farm Bill of 2018 stipulates what CBD oil should and should not have. However, it is wrong. The bill does not say anything about CBD oil specifically. It says that CBD products should have only less than 0.3% THC for the products to be legal. This amount of THC will not lead to any intoxication. However, many people are concerned that the THC can accumulate in their bodies if they use these products for a long time. This has left many people looking for THC free CBD products.

To cater to these users, many CBD manufacturers make what is called a CBD isolate. This is the only CBD-based product that purely contains just CBD. During the manufacturing of CBD isolate, the producers filter out THC and other things like terpenes and flavonoids to leave behind pure CBD. CBD isolate is mixed with a carrier oil like MCT oil or coconut oil to make CBD oil without THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is another type of THC free CBD oil. This type of CBD oil contains many cannabinoids from the hemp plant, but the THC will be removed completely. It is more expensive and hard to produce broad-spectrum CBD oil when compared to producing CBD isolates. This is why you might commonly see CBD isolate products.

Normal Quantity Of THC In CBD Oil

The quantity of THC present in the CBD oil depends on the manufacturing process. Every type of CBD oil varies in the quantity of THC in it, and so you need to check the label of the CBD oil before buying it. However, hemp made CBD oil should have only less than 0.3% THC content by dry weight. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is not regulated and you may find some questionable CBD products in the market. Therefore, you need to check things like third party lab test results and certificate of analysis.

CBD oil that claims to be THC free on the label might not be free of THC, making it important for you to check lab test results. Reputable manufacturers of CBD products will post the lab reports on their website. The report should display the content of THC and CBD present in the product, among many other things. Many people who are planning to use CBD products are also confused about whether CBD would work without THC. Let us see if CBD even works without THC.

Can CBD Work Without THC? 

It is good for you to buy CBD oil without THC if you are looking to avoid THC, but what if the THC free CBD oil is ineffective? Wondering whether you are wasting your money on the wrong product? You might have read that the cannabinoids work better when they are together. This is the ‘entourage effect.’ Even THC plays a part in this, making it a potentially useful component to consume together with CBD. This is why many users consider the full-spectrum CBD oil to be the most effective among all the different types of CBD oils. Nonetheless, you could never call CBD isolate products, a complete waste of money and useless.

THC free CBD oil can also be beneficial to the user, but you might miss out on some of the benefits that come with the other cannabinoids. With very few studies and research, it is almost impossible to say if THC free CBD oils are as effective as full-spectrum options. If you wish to have the entourage effect, but want to avoid THC from entering your system, then you can go for a broad spectrum CBD oil. Nonetheless, most importantly, do not forget to check the lab test reports.

Final Thoughts 

The CBD market is an ever-expanding one, and there are different types of CBD products that can suit every type of user. If you are in search of a THC free version of CBD oil, you will surely find it in a store near you.