Decarboxylate CBD: Why You Should Do That

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CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

Imagine this; you hurriedly shut the door behind you after you collected the package from your front door. The CBD product that you had ordered a week ago is finally here and you tear open the package and try out the miracle herbal supplement that has put the world on hold. You carefully take the dosage that you had calculated using a dosage calculator, and ingest the contents. You wait to see if the relief from the anxiety or the pain kick in. Hours go by and still nothing. No CBD effects whatsoever.

Heart breaking, indeed. Is it because CBD is simply not meant for you? Probably not. The problem will be with the way the manufacturer processed the CBD source. This is because CBD hemp not properly processed will lead to ineffective CBD. For the CBD to be effective, decarboxylation must have occurred!

What Does It Mean To Decarboxylate CBD?

Decarboxylate or decarbing is simply put, a process to convert inactive components that are present in the cannabis or hemp plant to active ones. For example, the compound called tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is decarboxylated to form tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The good thing about this form of THC is that there are no intoxicating effects and it is not psychoactive. So you will feel the benefits add on as result of the decarboxylated THC but without one you’ll be missing out on a lot.

After all, THC does contribute a fair share to the honey pot of CBD benefits via the entourage effect.

The process of decarboxylation includes two things:

  • Heat
  • Time

Decarbing is an essential in any CBD product’s manufacturing process. It is irrelevant, where you get your CBD from, be it a CBD retail store or directly from a supplier. An experienced supplier knows the amount of time the hemp has to be cured following the harvest, to expel the maximum benefits.

But you needn’t be a veteran in the art of making CBD to know how to decarboxylate. As a matter of fact, you can do it right at home. You can simply place the CBD in an oven and decarboxylate it like that. When you vape, you heat the CBD extract which in turn takes care of the decarboxylation.

The end result is a CBD product that has unlocked it’s potential and does a far better job in creating a holistic healing experience for the user. Always be sure to check if the products you buy are decarboxylated; it could mean the difference between you feeling everything to you feeling nothing!